About Us

We met in June 2019, and enjoyed an intimate lockdown wedding in our Northolt garden in July 2020. We live on the Racecourse Estate in a flat that is part of St Richard’s church, and are working out how to live missionally and serve the community in our local context. We are also on the leadership team for the Young Franciscans, a dispersed New Monastic community.

A little about us…


In July 2018, I returned from Bolivia, where I was a CMS mission partner for 2 1/2 years working with Novō (creating communities for broken and hurting individuals). It was a privilege to have a hand in establishing this ministry in its early stages, using experience I’d gained from working at Yeldall Manor (Christian drug & alcohol rehab in Berkshire).

I now work part-time at Yeldall Manor in a Recovery Worker and Programme Development role. Alongside this, I am studying Pioneer Mission Leadership Training at CMS, which I trust will help equip and inspire me as I consider how to pursue my calling to and passion for local mission. I am particularly interested in community building, incarnational mission in deprived settings or on the margins, caring for the environment, and contemplative spirituality.


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  1. Anthony Carberry says:

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2os3qm Saw this and thought of you Rachel, go get ’em!

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