CMS ‘ForMission’ training

I recently returned from a pretty full-on training programme led by CMS in the delightful Southall, West London (only 5% white people), which made for an amazing and diverse place for cross-cultural training. Curry twice a day every day; a discussion group with a group of Muslim women; a visit to a Hindu temple; helping at a Night Shelter for mostly Sikh background homeless men; and lunch at the largest Sikh Gurdwara outside of India all made for an insightful and eye-opening week. Despite not being so directly relevant to Bolivia (largely Catholic), it was great at helping us engage with different cultures, faiths and languages, as well as inspiring to see the outreach work of the local church who hosted us there.

It was great to meet a group of other CMS ‘short-termers’ too, and it’s exciting to think of us all going off to our different countries and projects in the coming weeks and months.

CMS ForMission training

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  1. Louise Barker says:

    I’ll be thinking of you Rachel. Have an amazing time. Well done for your bravery and following your passion.

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  2. Sean Riordan says:

    great blog Rachel – look forward to seeing more!

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  3. Valerie Cuffe-Adams says:

    Sounds so interesting Rachel about cross cultural issues too – been thinking about this – went to a very interesting Day Conference in York last Saturday. Your time in Southall sounds really good. I have been thinking of you and will as you fly off to Bolivia. Much love Val xx

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  4. Valerie Cuffe-Adams says:

    It was great to hear what you have been doing and so interesting. You know me Rachel, I have been leaving messages all over this page but never sure what clicks where, so hope you see this!! I am so interested to hear about the cross cultural issues that you have encountered in your training and I had an interesting day in York last Sat at a conference. Thinking of you as you will be flying off to Bolivia. Miss you too and wishing you God speed in every way. Val xx


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