Hasta Pronto… See you soon!

Greetings! I’ll keep this short, but wanted to write one last time before I return to the UK for a 12 week trip very soon.

I’m very much looking forward to coming back, and I’ve been enjoying planning almost 3 months of my life all in one go (you know I like to organise)!! My visit will include time with family (including new niece or nephew who is due in about a month), friends and supporters; a retreat; CMS conference; visit to Yeldall Manor; and various Novō updates in churches and small groups and a couple of fundraising events. Note these dates for Novō fundraisers if you’re either in Kidderminster or Reading area: Kiddy Sat 3rd Feb and Woodley Sat 3rd March.

On a practical note, I’m largely assuming that my monthly financial supporters, unless you’ve said otherwise, are able to continue into 2018… but please drop me a line if you’re unable to continue, so I can budget accordingly. Thank you so much!

NOTE TO MY MALE FRIENDS…! I’m planning to bring an extra suitcase back here with me in April, so if you need an excuse to sort through your clothing and get rid of some unused/unwanted items (footwear, clothes, belts, caps etc), I’d gratefully take them from you to donate to our residents at the Quinta here, where they’ll be hugely appreciated. Many of them come from living on the streets, so we’re always grateful for donations of clothing to give them when they arrive. Thank you!

By way of an update, I’ll leave you with a few photo highlights from the Christmas period – Christmas dinner at the Novō Quinta and an overnight trip with the residents to the beautiful Refugio los Volcanes. A privilege to have shared this time with them enjoying the beauty of God’s creation and completely drug and alcohol free. Praise God!







I’ll leave it there for now and can’t wait to see many of you soon… Hasta luego!

Blessings and love,


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  1. Gill Wardle says:

    Hi Rachel , Looking forward to seeing you soon. Michael has recently sorted out some clothes for charity. I’ll check if there is anything I think you can use. Love Gill xx


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